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MAGOULAS BROS SA manufactures high quality products for everyday use, following all the international rules, guides and regulations while covering all our client’s needs, including cosmetics and perfumes, biocide-disinfectants industry, medical products, personal care products, as well as deodorizers.


Sunrise Alcoholic Lotion 70o
Solidan X-PLUS
Viomed Alcoholic Lotion 95o

private label products

private label products

Magoulas Bros SA acquires the appropriate know-how and the qualifications to produce a wide range of cosmetics, biocides, medical devices as well as personal care products. The company specializes in the category of Private Label Products or else products under the brand name of the legal distributor. The R&D department is able to recognize and evaluate the different aspects of a challenging industry, fact that resulting to strong partnerships as part of the company’s portfolio. The team of Magoulas Bros SA offers the opportunity for other companies to have a competitive presence in the market environment.