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MAGOULAS BROS SA is a Greek manufacturing company that produces (and manufactures) a variety of consumer products. It was founded by Georgios and Nikolaos Magoulas in 1972 and is based in Athens, Greece.

With a very dynamic history that spans over 45 years, MAGOULAS BROS SA offers products that are well known for their high quality and specifications, delivered always with social responsibility to the society and the environment. With many years of experience, its superb technical expertise and market knowledge, the company specializes on the provision and the production of consumer goods that use the distributor’s brand or else Private Label Products. It also manufactures high quality products for everyday use, following all the international rules, guides and regulations while covering all our client’s needs.

MAGOULAS BROS SA penetrates on cosmetics and perfumes, biocide-disinfectants industry, medical products, personal care products, as well as deodorizers. Together with its leading position in the Greek market, the company has positioned itself as a strong and innovative exporter of high-quality products and consumer goods, in Europe. Τhat results not only in the expansion of the company’s activities but further supports the Greek economy and the strengthening of the local communities and the local economy.

The company’s mission is to offer integrated solutions to its clientele, focusing on its values and always concentrating on providing high standards while manufacturing its products. In addition, by keeping the production costs low, MAGOULAS BROS SA is able to offer to its customers base the unbeatable combination of high quality and low cost. That has brought the company on top of their competition with thousands of loyal customers, with companies and other private entities and consumers.

Magoulas Bros’ team is always there for you to offer their unparallel knowledge and their thorough experience in the field. The company knowing and focusing on the high value of its human resources, has created and maintained since the beginning, a unique, warm and friendly work environment for all of its employees.

MAGOULAS BROS SA strategic priorities include the continued growth, its investment in innovation and extroversion, its commitment to deliver high quality products, fulfilling their client’s needs and boosting its productivity in a competitive landscape.

private label products

private label products

Magoulas Bros SA acquires the appropriate know-how and the qualifications to produce a wide range of cosmetics, biocides, medical devices as well as personal care products. The company specializes in the category of Private Label Products or else products under the brand name of the legal distributor. The R&D department is able to recognize and evaluate the different aspects of a challenging industry, fact that resulting to strong partnerships as part of the company’s portfolio. The team of Magoulas Bros SA offers the opportunity for other companies to have a competitive presence in the market environment.